Chirayu Patel

Chirayu Patel

Chirayu Patel has been with Coles County Regional Planning & Development Commission for less than a year. Chirayu Patel is currently interning with Coles County Regional Planning & Development Commission as a Solid Waste Management and Planning Intern. His primary focus is on developing effective strategies for waste management and environmental planning. Chirayu is originally from India and is a recent graduate from Eastern Illinois University. In his spare time, he enjoys taking leisurely walks, playing badminton, gardening, and reading books.


Chirayu earned a bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering from Ahmedabad Institute of Technology in 2019 and a master’s degree in Sustainability from Eastern Illinois University in 2023, where he was a graduate assistant with EIU Housing.

Work Experience

Chirayu has about two years of experience as a Mechanical Engineer, specializing in manufacturing and assembling reactor pressure vessels. Additionally, Chirayu worked as a Solar Consultant, promoting the adoption of solar energy as a primary source, estimating costs, managing project schedules, and facilitating post-sale installations.