Mission Statement

The mission of the Coles County Sheriff’s Office is to provide the highest level of law enforcement possible by:

  • Preserving and protecting life, property and the right of all citizens to live in peace;
  • Enforcing the laws of the State of Illinois and the county of Coles in a fair and impartial manner;
  • Listening to and acting upon the needs of our citizens and the communities they live in;
  • Operating in a proactive manner so as to prevent criminal activity before it occurs;
  • Supporting a positive and innovative working environment for all of our members; and
  • Maintaining only the highest standards of professionalism, integrity and efficiency.

This mission shall be accomplished while adhering to the following values:

We will recognize the worth, quality, diversity and importance of each other, the people we serve and our Office.

We will care about others and respect their feelings.

We will be honest and forthright and meet the highest ethical standards.

We will meet society’s expectations and our own responsibility to be prudent with our resources.

We will work together to be the best in everything we do.