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The CCRP&DC was formed in 1967 by the Coles County Board to provide an array of services to local governments. Since the Commission was set up as a local government created public organization for the sole purpose of serving rural local governments, it strives to keep its cost as low as possible.

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Programs & Services

Coles County Regional Planning offers a wide variety of services.


Geographic Information Systems

CCRP&DC has been providing GIS services for more than twenty years. Services include utilities mapping, parcel mapping, NG911 mapping, zoning, plat book development (shown in image to the left), and much more. If your community or county are looking for a low cost option for GIS mapping, please contact our office.



CCRP&DC has been writing and administering grants for more than fifty years. We offer assistance with Community Block Development Grants, such as public infrastructure, housing, and economic development. We have had a very good track record with all of these types of grants. We also assist communities with FEMA Assistance to Firefighters Grants, FEMA Hazard Mitigation Grants, and many others. If your community is looking for grant assistance, feel free to contact us for a quote.

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There are many different plans that can assist municipalities with long term planning and development goals. Comprehensive Plans, Strategic Plans, Land Use Plans and Hazard Mitigation Plans can all help communities lay out plans for future development, goals, needs of the community, transportation and emergency planning. Having many of these plans in place can also prioritize your community should federal assistance in a disaster situation be needed. If your community would like assistance with one of these plans, please contact our office for a quote.

Meet Our Staff

  • Kelly Lockhart

    Kelly Lockhart

    Executive Director

  • Kevin McReynolds

    Kevin McReynolds

    Grants Compliance Manager

  • Susan Summers

    Susan Summers

    GIS Analyst

  • Jackie Galletano

    Jackie Galletano

    Planner II

  • Noah Spence

    Noah Spence

    GIS/IT Manager

  • Cliff Shaw

    Cliff Shaw

    Housing Inspector

  • Allison Hudson

    Allison Hudson

    Planner II

  • Chirayu Patel

    Chirayu Patel


  • Samantha McCullough

    Samantha McCullough

    Planner I

  • Keegan Bottom

    Keegan Bottom


  • Sunita Mahat

    Sunita Mahat


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