Our Commission

The Regional Planning Commission includes five board members, three municipal representatives, and two at large. They are appointed by the County Board Chairman with approval of the County Board. Representatives of the cities of Mattoon and Charleston and one of the mayors from the remaining city and villages serve on a rotating basis. Current members include:

  • Stan Metzger

    Stan Metzger


  • Darrell Cox

    Darrell Cox


  • Lisa Jaco

    Lisa Jaco


  • John Doty

    John Doty


  • Michael Watts

    Michael Watts


  • Rick Hall

    Rick Hall


  • Kurt Crail

    Kurt Crail


  • Dennis Malak

    Dennis Malak


  • Jon Althaus

    Jon Althaus


  • Elaine Komada

    Elaine Komada


About Our Commission

The CCRP&DC was formed in 1967 by the Coles County Board to provide an array of services to local governments. Since the Commission was set up as a local government created public organization for the sole purpose of serving rural local governments, it strives to keep its cost as low as possible.

A Complete Range of Services

The main goal of CCRP&DC is to provide the best professional service at a reasonable cost. The Commission's Staff consists of professionally trained and experienced individuals who can serve as "full-time" staff to part-time officials. Services provided by CCRP&DC range from planning, zoning, Motor Fuel Tax services, census and business data, subdivision assistance, regional map repository, economic & community development, map preparation/graphics, GIS services, ordinance preparation/codification, historic preservation, grant preparation/administration and community administration and financial management.

We currently provide services to several communities and Counties within our seven county region. These counties include Coles, Clark, Cumberland, Douglas, Edgar, Moultrie, and Shelby.