Susan Summers

Susan Summers

Susan Summers has been with Coles County Regional Planning & Development Commission for 18 years. Susan is almost a "native" of Charleston, moving here in 1965. Susan is married with 3 grandchildren and currently lives South of Charleston, IL.


Susan is a 1983 graduate of Eastern Illinois University with a Bachelors of Science in Earth Science.

Work Experience

Before coming to Coles County Regional Planning, Susan worked for 15 years as a Systems engineer, testing software and designing interfaces for digital mapping systems for various companies. Susan began working for Coles County in January of 2006 as a GIS Technician. She currently is responsible for maintaining parcel data which includes resolving discrepancies, parcel splits and combos as well as maintaining the subdivision map layer. She is also responsible for assigning 911 addresses for both Coles and Moultrie Counties and has created a usable map representing known drainage districts as well as mapped historical school buildings thru out the county. The newest project she is working on is the mapping of all known Cemeteries located in Coles county.


Susan is also a Notary.