Tax Protest

Your tax amount is based on the assessed valuation of your property as determined by your township assessor, multiplied by the tax rates of the taxing bodies which provide services to the area in which your property is located.

To protest your tax bill, you must have your bill paid in full and file a tax objection with the Coles County Circuit Clerk. The law provides deadlines for each condition to be met.

Objection to the tax rate:
The tax rate is computed by the County Clerk based on the amount levied by each local governmental taxing body.

To protest a tax rate, you must prove the rate or a portion of the rate is illegal or excessive. You might want to consult an attorney for assistance.

Objection to the assessed valuation:
Assessment complaints must be filed with the Coles County Board of Review by designated deadlines. The Supervisor of Assessment's Office can assist you with ensuring you receive all qualified exemptions.

Filing a tax objection complaint:
The law requires you to comply with the following three steps --

  • Pay tax and applicable penalties within 30 days from the first penalty date of the final (second) installment. If the due dates have passed, interest at 1.5% per month must be added.
  • File the tax objection complaint with the Coles County Circuit Clerk within 75 days from the first penalty date of the final (second) installment. A filing fee of $10 must be paid at the time of the filing.
  • The tax then will be considered as 100% paid under protest. No protest form or letter of protest or any notation on the tax bill is required at the time of payment.