Water Wells

Approximately 7,000 new water wells are constructed and 2,000 abandoned wells are sealed in Illinois each year. A major consideration in constructing these wells is to prevent contamination form the ground surface or shallow ground water, sewage disposal systems and other hazardous sources, from entering the well. To ensure the safety of these water supplies, the division and local Health Departments review water well installation plans, issue permits for new well construction and inspect wells.

It has been established by scientific evidence that improperly constructed water wells can adversely affect the public’s health. The private water program approves the location, construction, modification, and sealing of all water wells in an effort to protect the public health.

Bored Water Wells
Drilled Water Wells
Abandoned Water Wells

Applicable Codes

Sampling Private Water Supplies
Private Labs (PDF File)
Commonly Found Substances in Drinking Water and Available Treatment (PDF File)

Emergency Hauling, Storing and Disinfecting Water Supplies